Fritz!box and CAPI

It started when I tried to send a fax from my pc with AVM USB WLAN stick through my AVM Fritz!box 7270.  Since I couldn’t find my installation cd for the fritz!box I downloaded fritz!fax from the AVM website and installed it. Right after the installation it complained about not having CAPI 2.0 driver installed, so I tried to find it on the AVM website…

To make it short: I couldn’t find it until this website told me to download and unzip a developer tool from AVM and extract the capi driver from it.

Then I followed these instructions and it worked 🙂

Hello world!

When you work with computers you often reach points where you need information of others to continue, especially when you install new hardware.  I’ve always been using websites of people who have been willing to share there experiences. I appreciate the time they took to sit down and write about their problems and solutions. With this blog I want to give something back to the community and write about my experiences and solutions. I hope someone will find my information useful 🙂